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Street Repairs
Smart Eco Dev
Neighborhood Public Safety

Keeping our communities safe is the first responsibility of the City. Ensuring we have sufficient well-trained and equipped police officers to respond quickly in our neighborhoods is critical. Residents have a right to feel safe in their homes from violence and secure from property crimes. This is only possible with quick response times and a well-trained and equipped police force.


I support strong community and police partnerships that include neighborhood associations, crime watch groups, and citizens on patrol working directly with our Neighborhood Police Officers (NPO’s) and our Fort Worth Police division commanders.


Street Repairs

Street repairs, street lighting, and sidewalks are critical to revitalizing our commercial corridors, strengthening neighborhoods, and creating community. I strongly support the Neighborhood Improvement program of the City of Fort Worth. Neighborhoods in Northside and SE Fort Worth, and Rosemont have benefitted from this program. We need it brought to more neighborhoods in District 11, such as East Fort Worth and Riverside.


Smart Economic Development

We do not need more smoke shops, game rooms, and pawn shops in the East, Riverside, and Southside communities. We must revitalize our vital commercial corridors, such as Lancaster, Hemphill, and Beach and Belknap streets. The Race street development has been a success story we must build upon.   The right kind of development increases tax revenues without raising taxes on homeowners while maintaining the integrity of our historic neighborhoods. 


Economic development must be a priority in Dist. 11 as this will impact our neighborhoods through job creation, attracting the right development, including neighborhood grocery stores.


Our District 11 requires a strategic plan for economic development. This will be a major priority in my first term on Council.


Affordable Single-Family Housing

Inflation, skyrocketing property values, and high taxes make it more difficult for first-time home buyers to purchase a home. We must have more suitable single-family homes that are affordable for young families and professionals who can live and work right here in District 11.



Fiscal Responsibility/Lowering Taxes

Statewide, unfortunately, our Legislature has shifted the tax burden in Texas from capital-intensive industries to homeowners. Fort Worth city hall must be aware of this financial burden from our property taxes, which slows economic growth and hampers development and jobs. Big business has better and more lobbyists in Austin than regular folks. I will be a voice for our neighborhoods, not well-connected insiders.

Parks, Amenities & Open Spaces

Neighborhoods on the Eastside, Riverside, and Southside deserve world-class parks, amenities, green spaces, and walking trails. District 11 has access to many city parks, including Riverside Park, Gateway Park, Tandy Hills Park, Rosemont Park, and many others. I will fight for our fair share of dollars from the City Parks Department budget and our Bond Programs to maintain these facilities with landscaping, improvements, and lighting so families feel safe and welcome.


Parks, amenities, and open spaces help build a sense of shared community and enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Affordable Housing
Fiscal Response
Parks, Amen & Open Spaces
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